Bruce Goose Men’s Pineapple Socks


‘Aloha!’ Just like putting pineapple on a pizza makes it Hawaiian. Slip some Bruce Goose Pineapple socks on your feet and you are instantly transported to a tropical beach with crystal clear water, brilliant white sand that squeaks when you walk on it and a sky the blue of fairytale dreams.
Bruce Goose Pineapple socks made in Australia and designed for fun and serious holiday dreaming.
Bruce Goose – Men’s Pineapple Socks
All prices in Australian Dollars.
Australia: AUD $8.00 
Asia & New Zealand: AUD $20.00 
United States & Canada: AUD $20.00 
South America: AUD $30.00 
United Kingdom & Ireland: AUD $26.00 
Europe: AUD $26.00
Available in : Navy and Alabaster
Size: 6-11 UK, 8-12 US, 39-45 EURO, 25-30 CM
Fibre Contents :
80% Combed Cotton, 15% Nylon and 5% Lycra
Made by happy humans in Melbourne, Australia.
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Colour / Size :

Navy 6-11 UK, Alabaster 6-11 UK