Bruce Goose – Kids Everyday Merino Wool Crew Socks


Designed and woven with merino wool to keep the warm in and the cold out. Keep your feet to be warm and toasty without unpleasant odours, do yourself a favour and keep your feet happy!
  • Independent “Left” and “Right” sock eliminates bunching.
  • 100% Virgin merino wool Cloud9 terry cushion sole. 
  • Arch support on foot, minimises friction and keeps socks snug on feet.
  • Regulating, insulating temperature and moisture changes.
  • Superior comfort
Bruce Goose – Kids Everyday Merino Wool Crew Socks
Also available in adult sizes.
All prices in Australian Dollars.
AGE 1-2 Years = Size 2-5 UK, 3-6 US, 16-20 EURO, 10-13 CM (Black/White Line)
AGE 2-4 Years = Size 5-8 UK, 7-10 US, 21-25 EURO, 14-17 CM (Black/Orange Line)
AGE 5-7 Years = Size 9-12 UK, 11-1 US, 26-30 EURO, 18-20 CM (Black/Yellow Line)
AGE 7-10 Years = Size 13-3 UK, 2-5 US, 31-35 EURO, 21-23 CM (Black/Blue Line)
Fiber contents:
77% fine merino wool, 18% nylon, 5% Lycra
Made by happy humans in Melbourne, Australia.

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Age 1-2 YRS (Black/White Line), Age 2-4 YRS (Black/Orange Line), Age 5-7 YRS (Black/Yellow Line), Age 7-10 YRS (Black/Blue Line)

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