Bruce Goose Kids Shark Socks


Great white sharks grow very large, live long lives, heal quickly and avoid disease. How they do this is a mystery to scientists but with Bruce Goose Shark socks you might put yourself at the top of the food chain.
Bruce Goose Shark socks made in Australia and designed for taking a big bite out of life.
Bruce Goose Kids Shark Socks
Also available in matching adult and baby sizes.
All prices in Australian Dollars.
AGES 1-2 Years = Size 2-5 UK, 3-6 US, 16-20 EURO, 10-13 CM
AGES 2-4 Years = Size 5-8 UK, 7-10 US, 21-25 EURO, 14-17 CM
AGES 5-7 Years = Size 9-12 UK, 11-1 US, 26-30 EURO, 18-20 CM
AGES 7-10 Years = Size 13-3 UK, 2-5 US, 31-35 EURO, 21-23 CM
Fiber Contents : 80% Combed Cotton, 15% Nylon and 5% Lycra  
Made by happy humans in Melbourne, Australia.

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Sky 1-2 YRS, Sky 2-4 YRS, Sky 5-7 YRS, Sky 7-10 YRS

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