Bruce Goose Kids Watermelon Socks


Watermelon is an exceptionally healthy fruit – loaded with powerful plant compounds linked to lower blood pressure, improved metabolic health, and decreased muscle soreness after exercise. It’s sweet, delicious, and excellent for maintaining good hydration.
Bruce Goose Watermelon socks are linked to increased positivity and coolness and release a chemical in the brain that causes the wearer to be regarded as a style icon.
Bruce Goose Kids Watermelon Socks
Also available in matching adults and baby sizes.
All prices in Australian Dollars.
AGES 1-2 Years = Size 2-5 UK, 3-6 US, 16-20 EURO, 10-13 CM
AGES 2-4 Years = Size 5-8 UK, 7-10 US, 21-25 EURO, 14-17 CM
AGES 5-7 Years = Size 9-12 UK, 11-1 US, 26-30 EURO, 18-20 CM
AGES 7-10 Years = Size 13-3 UK, 2-5 US, 31-35 EURO, 21-23 CM
Fiber Contents : 80% Combed Cotton, 15% Nylon and 5% Lycra
Made by happy humans in Melbourne, Australia.

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Yellow 1-2 YRS, Yellow 2-4 YRS, Yellow 5-7 YRS, Yellow 7-10 YRS

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